How much water should you drink?

The water requirement calculator reliably calculates your individual water requirement

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Finally drink enough with the help of the water demand calculator

How much water should you really drink?

We help you calculate your daily water needs using a formula that calculates your individual water needs based on your age, body weight, gender, and other factors.


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We drink far too little

Every second person drinks too little water

A startling result of a study by a Berlin-based institute commissioned by SodaStream® highlights the lack of knowledge about one's water needs. The study surveyed more than 1,000 Germans about their water consumption.


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Finally drink enough with the help of the water demand calculator

How much water do I need to drink every day?

The water requirement calculator helps you with this question. The water requirement calculator calculates your optimal need for fluid and thus clarifies the question of how much fluid you really need per day. The calculated value also includes the water intake through food.

There are many factors that influence the daily water requirements of a person. Our calculator therefore helps you to answer the question "How much do I need to drink daily?" using as many factors as possible.

Among other things, we use the following factors that affect a person's daily water needs:

  • Seasons and associated outdoor temperature.
  • Individual hydration level, because each body consumes and requires different amounts of water.
  • Sporting activities.
  • Nutritional habits.

Find an answer to the question: how much should I drink?

The water consumption of the Germans is quickly neglected in the stressful everyday life and especially by older people and often simply forgotten. Many are at a loss as to how much water their bodies actually need on a daily basis.

  • 48 percent of respondents are below the minimum amount of 1.5 liters per day.
  • 20 percent stated only 1 liter of water a day to take.
  • 5 percent even came to less than 0.5 liters of water a day.

For health, it is of great importance that the human body is supplied with plenty of water throughout the day. Physical ailments, emotional crises and also weight gain are few of many consequences of a small but constant lack of water.

These five tips will help you drink more water every day

  1. Always have the recommended amount of water handy.
  2. Drink something every half hour even if you are not thirsty.
  3. The water consumption is very individual and may vary monthly. The recalculation after diet change as well as weight loss is therefore highly recommended.
  4. The purchase of a portable and reusable water bottle. (for example, this)
  5. Small reminders, in the form of small notes or notifications on the smartphone, can help to change drinking habits. Best to drink small amounts of water every hour!