The element "water" in the human body

How much water should I drink per day?

Guide: Drinking water

The element "water" has these important functions in the human body

Drinking water is very important for health. The body needs enough water to be able to function. Because water is used by the body for metabolic processes, regulation of body temperature and many other processes.

Who does not drink enough, often complains of (chronic) headaches, concentration problems, fatigue and much more. Chronic water deficiency can cause diseases. It is therefore essential to make sure that you always drink enough fluids.

The German Federal Ministry of Health recommends that people start getting enough exercise and drinking plenty of water during childhood. This helps prevent diseases such as obesity.

How much you should drink to keep your body hydrated depends on your own water needs. This depends on body weight and size, physical activity, eating habits and much more. To calculate the optimal amount of water you should drink, we recommend our Water Needs Calculator.

Drinking water is very important for good health. The body needs enough water to be able to function. This is because water is used by the body for metabolic processes, regulation of body temperature and many other processes.

Tips to drink more water

Many people find it difficult to drink a lot. Often, people simply forget to drink. If you keep in mind the benefits of drinking enough fluids, you will have an easier time remembering to drink water. It is recommended to resort to tap water to meet your water needs. Mineral water, especially from plastic bottles, can be contaminated with pollutants. Drinking water from the tap in Germany tastes great to many people. However, as is often the case, there are preferences and some people find fault with the taste of the water. Tap water can be carbonated with water sparklers, and there are also water filters that improve the taste of tap water. Last but not least, infused water is an inexpensive alternative to make drinking water tastier.

In the following, we show you three products that can help you drink more water.

Water bubbler

Sparkling tap water: always enough water at home

To supply the body with enough water, you must resort to drinks that do not dehydrate the body. Therefore, caffeinated or drinks with sugar should be avoided as far as possible. A rule of thumb to be able to enjoy coffee, cola and co. is: Always drink at least one glass of pure drinking water with every coffee.

Pipe water is perfectly adequate for daily use in Germany. In addition, piped water in Germany is subject to constant quality control and is sometimes subject to stricter contaminant controls than mineral water from the supermarket. If you want to learn more about the quality of German tap water, we recommend the "Ordinance on the Quality of Water for Human Use" from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

Drinking tap water, however, is difficult for many because still water does not taste good to them. One way to make drinking water easier, therefore, is to make sparkling water yourself with a water bubbler.

Make sparkling water yourself

Water bubblers with carbonated cylinders for refilling allow you to make delicious sparkling water from tap water. Finally, you don't have to lug water boxes anymore and you can never run out of sparkling water either.

We recommend the SodaStream glass bottle water bubbler. This water bubbler is appreciated by many households. The quality, design, and functionality of the water bubbler are convincing compared to other manufacturers. SodaStream offers in our opinion an optimal price-performance ratio.

"Who owns a water bubbler, can always prepare delicious sparkling water and so also drink more!"

The glass bottles of the water bubbler are easy to clean: they can be rinsed normally and for optimal cleaning, it is recommended to rinse the bottles regularly in addition with hot water.

The drinking water can be added with the bubble function by the carbonic acid cylinder as desired with bubbles. It is also possible to make only slightly carbonated drinking water. The bubbler allows you to turn tap water into delicious sparkling water and thus drink more. After all, what tastes better is also easier to drink.

These are the advantages of a water bubbler

With a water bubbler you can easily and inexpensively prepare carbonated water. At last, there is no need to lug water jugs. This also makes the water bubbler environmentally friendly: there is no need to buy plastic bottles that then have to be recycled, and glass bottles also have to be cleaned industrially if there is a deposit system.

Another advantage of the water bubbler is that in addition to sparkling water from drinks with flavor, such as cola, sodas and more, can be made. For this, you fill the glass bottle after bubbling through the SodaStream with a little syrup for the water bubbler, and can then enjoy homemade lemonade. Absolutely note that these drinks should be consumed infrequently and are not for meeting your own water needs.

The glass bottles of the SodaStream are also dishwasher safe. This makes for really easy cleaning that is hygienically safe. The glass bottles do not need to be cleaned after each use, unless syrup has been added.

The purchase of a soda maker is well worth it: after the one-time purchase cost of the water bubbler and the glass bottles, you only need to buy new carbonic acid cylinders on a regular basis. One carbonic acid cylinder is enough for 60 litres of sparkling water. In the meantime, CO2 cylinders from other manufacturers can also be used, as the SodaStream deposit system is no longer valid. In exchange with the empty C02 cylinder can be bought in almost any supermarket or drugstore new cylinders for the water bubbler.

Here again the advantages of the water bubbler with glass bottles summarized:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Elegant design
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
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  • Dishwasher safe glass bottles
  • No more lugging water boxes
  • Finally drink more water

Water filter

Tap water tastes better this way

Another tip to drink more water revolves around treating tap water. Table water filters can be used to filter the tap water and thus improve the taste of the drinking water. The filtered water can then, of course, be additionally sparkled afterwards if you have a preference for sparkling water.

Water filters provide soft, good-tasting water. Simply pour tap water into the water filter jug and your drinking water is even better purified. The filtered drinking water now tastes especially good and is also ideal for making tea or coffee.

The BRITA water filters combine activated carbon and an ion exchanger to remove nitrates, lead, copper and chemical residues from the tap water. The treated drinking water is then pleasantly soft and tastes particularly good.

Water treatment with a water filter

To improve the taste of tap water and then finally drink more water, a table water filter is enough. We recommend the water filter from BRITA "Marella". In the advantage package, this contains 12 filter cartridges. This is enough for a year of filtered water.

Every four weeks, the filter cartridge of the water filter must be changed. The BRITA water filter shows this on a small, digital display itself. Then only the cartridge needs to be changed. Refill cartridges must be purchased regularly. Approximately 100 litres of tap water can be filtered with one cartridge.

The water filter can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Only the lid is not dishwasher safe. All components of the BRITA water filter Marella that come into contact with drinking water are BPA free.

The water filter jug by BRITA is very light and is therefore well suited for daily use. Marella by BRITA has a filling volume of 2.4 liters. This is perfectly adequate for a small household, as the water is filtered quickly. There are also water filter jugs with larger filling volume, such as the BRITA water filter Style.

Advantages of a water filter

We recommend water treatment using a water filter such as the BRITA water filter Marella to people who are not convinced by the taste of their tap water. Additionally, since table water filters reduce limescale, using a water filter can extend the life of household appliances. Limescale deposits in coffee machines, kettles and other household appliances have an impact on the functionality and lifespan of these appliances. If the tap water is purified beforehand using a water filter, limescale deposits can be avoided.

Here again the advantages of a water filter summarized:

  • Reduction of chlorine and lime
  • Optimized taste of drinking water
  • Reduction of the carbonate hardness of tap water
  • Soft, good tasting water
  • Drinking more water

infused water

Refreshing water with taste

To meet the body's daily water needs, water should be resorted to. Still, pure water can become a bit boring in the long run. This is another reason why many people forget to drink enough water.

The water requirement calculator has shown you how much water you should best take in daily. To make the amount of water you drink throughout the day a little more palatable, you can add some flavor to your drinking water with natural remedies.

Fruit juices, sodas and the like aren't necessarily suitable for meeting your water needs. So-called Fruit Infused Water provides a remedy: Here the drinking water is filled into a large carafe and fresh berries, mint, lemon or limes or cucumbers are added. Now the carafe just needs to be left for some time, for example in the fridge or with ice cubes for that extra freshness kick.

Then refreshing water now takes on a slight taste of the natural ingredients without changing the hydrating function of the water.